Domestico Services is a one-stop solution for Building, Managing & Integrating all type of properties.


We are a Property Management organisation offer end-to-end services including Civil Projects, Sanitary Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Air Condition Installation (Window, Split Cassette, Package), Centralised Air Condition, HVAC Installation, Solar Panel Installation, Power Generator Installation, Lifts Installation, CCTV Installation, Building Renovation, Fabrication, Interior Designing, Logistics and Movers & Packers, Supply Chain Management, Conference & Event Management, IT Service (Hardware, Software, Cyber Security), Janitorial & Security Personnel, Landscaping, Annual Maintenance Contact and more.

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Who We Are

We are an Indian facility management company dedicated to provide property management assistance that includes maintaining, control and establish a preventive systems that make buildings better, users happier and businesses more profitable.


We are among the best at what we do - so we'll help you do it right.

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Who We Work With

We work with Property Owners, Architects and Developers to optimise the ongoing value of your property. We work with Building Managers and Contractors to deliver robust, easy-to-use processes with built-in-support. We work with consulting engineers to design high performing future proof service model for state-of-the-art buildings.

Responsiveness: When you need us we are there, we are listening and we are motivated.

Innovation: We develop tailored solutions around your building, your business and goals.

Consistent Support: We provide long-term support and ensure continuous high performance.

Quality: We do not cut corners; we get it right the first time.

Cost Effectiveness: Our integrated, streamlined approach reduce your maintenance cost.

Future-Proofing: Our approach is robust, scalable and flexible so they will grow along with your properties.

How We Do It


Rajiv Misra, VP - eVision

Amazing people with prompt attention and to detail. Long way ahead!

Keep up the good work.


Sunil Kumar, CEO - Branco

Highly recommended!

Comprehensive inspection without affecting our routine activities is one of Domestico's greatest USP. 

Anjali Gupta, Founder - MyCall

A relief to our facilities. Response timing is much appreciated. Expert and skilled manpower with great supervision.

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What Makes Us Different

We never forget that what we do is about making buildings better for their owners, their managers and for the people who use them. That's where our technology and expertise are directed.

We design solutions and interfaces specifically tailored to the needs of each building, business and individual user. We seamlessly integrate your new and existing properties so that they work efficiently. 

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Headquartered in Mumbai delivering its professional services with several years of experience in Maharashtra | Delhi/NCR | Uttar Pradesh | West Bengal | Madhya Pradesh | Punjab | Rajasthan | Gujarat | Tamilnadu | Andhra Pradesh | Telangana | Uttarakhand  and growing.